Thinking of Selling?

Don't...and here's why

A lot of owners of rental real estate decided to take advantage of the surging real estate market in 2021, and sold.  We saw three times the number of properties leave our portfolio that year -- mostly to sell.  For many, it made good sense.  But for many others we were left scratching our heads.  Here is why...

If you watched video #8 in our Video Center then you understand the power of leverage -- not just against the bank's mortgage money, but even more so against your own!  It is not uncommon for landlords to experience Returns on Investment (ROIs) in excess of 50% with rental real estate (versus 8-10% in the stock market).

We'll tell it like it is.  The only two GOOD reasons we could come up with for selling into that hot market were: 1) to buy more real estate!, or; 2) need the $$ in retirement.  Those are the only two.  We continue to be hugely bullish on the real estate market, and you should be, too.

Not sure and want to get more information?

IF you are still not sure, or have questions, or just want to get a free consultation on what your options look like, you can book a half hour (did we mention FREE!) phone call with our principal, Peter Nelson.  Peter has been plying the waters of the real estate rental market for over 37 years, and can provide you some thoughtful insight.  You can book a time with him here.

"I'm selling!" Now what?

If you are absolutely convinced selling is the way to go, we have good news for you.  We have real estate brokers on staff who can list and sell the property for you!  Who knows the property and the market better than us?  We can get you top dollar while taking care of all of the transaction details so you can rest in peace.  Wouldn't it be great to have the same world class service?

We have to put in a word here.  If you were referred to us by a real estate broker then please, contact him/her to list and sell the home.  We do not want to steal anyone's business from them.  Otherwise, click on this link and we can get you started with a Comparative Market Analysis of what we think your property will sell for, along with an Estimate of Net Proceeds from the sale.


Thanks and best wishes!