FSPM Premium Management Plan

Finally...the future is here!  The Premium Management Plan.

For years we have been wondering why the entire property management is so reactive.  Simply stated, PMs only react when a tenant doesn't pay rent or something in the unit breaks.  Wouldn't it be great is there was a proactive management system out there?  Well now there is!

Full Service Property Management is excited to unveil its Premium Management Plan.  This plan has been in the making for years.  It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication by a lot of people to bring it to the market.  But finally it is here!  Let's explore what it is all about.

Premium Management is a bundled set of services that is forward-thinking and provides advanced management services only seen with commercial real estate.  A list of services, along with a description of each follows:

  1. Additional Inspection
  2. Enhanced Inspection Program w/ Preventative Maintenance
  3. 5% off maintenance labor hourly rate
  4. Reserve Analysis
  5. Capital Reserve Account Management
  6. Asset Management
  7. Eviction Protection
  8. Enhanced Reporting
  9. Brokerage Discount
  10. Tenant Counseling

1. Additional Inspection - In addition to the annual inspection at renewal, our maintenance technician will do a mid-lease inspection which will serve two purposes: 1) check for care of the property and compliance of the lease, and; 2) look for early signs of failure of common components such as water intrusion, flooring, delamination, mechanical failures, etc.

2. Enhanced Inspection Program w/ Preventative Maintenance: This is the cornerstone of our Premium Management Plan.  In addition to a regular, annual inspection, this second inspection will look at mechanical, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and a multitude of other systems in the unit.  Common failure points such as bathtub caulking, furnace filters, bathroom sub-flooring, smoke and CO alarm batteries, and a long list of other items will be checked and changed.  A detailed list can be found here.

3. And get an additional 5% off the FSPM hourly labor rate for maintenance!

4. Reserve Analysis:  This 20-year analysis is customized for your property and shows you exactly when you can expect major expenses.  This in turn allows you to plan for those expenditures in advance so when they do come up you will have the funds available.

5. Capital Reserve Account Management: At your direction, we will hold back a certain amount each month from your owner check.  We hold it in trust for you so when the time comes for that remodel, large appliance, side sewer, or roof you have the funds.

6. Asset Management:  We share with you ideas for the highest and best use of your rental property.  After discussion, we then put a plan together and help you execute the plan.  Maybe it is a MIL conversion,.  Sub-divide the lot?  Some improved landscaping?  Together we'll figure out the best bang for the buck to increase your return on investment.

7. Eviction Protection:  Take the worry out of every landlord's nightmare.  We cover lost rent and legal costs.  If we have to serve eviction notices on your tenant and/or take him/her to court there is no cost to you.

8. Enhanced Reporting:  An extra couple of reports helps you "mine the data" so you know exactly where you are winning and losing.  Additional counseling is included at no extra charge.

9. Brokerage Discount: When it comes to buy or sell real estate, one of our experienced real estate brokers will give you the same world class service you have come to know, while also taking off a 100 basis points (one percent) off our commission.

10. Tenant User Guide: A lot of tenants come from apartment living and living with their folks.  They don't know how to care for a house.  Our User Guide is customized to your home.  It gives the tenants detailed instructions so they can take better care of your property.

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