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Auburn, WA

What you need to know about Auburn Property Management

Auburn, WA is at the south end of the Kent Valley that runs north-south through South King County. It started out, and continues to be, home to many Boeing workers. With easy access to I-5, Hwy. 18, and Tacoma, Auburn continues to be a market with a large number of affordable rentals. But care should also be exercised as some of Auburn's older neighborhoods have attracted 'undesirables' in the past. It takes a good property manager to find the right tenants for the right house.

Auburn provides good cap rates for investors, and has some good neighborhoods like Lakeland Hills and the West Hill.  With a Sounder transit station providing a good transportation hub, Auburn is poised to capitalize for investors.  But some downtown neighborhoods can be sketchy.

We provide a full suite of property management and property maintenance services to Owners and Tenants in Auburn and surrounding communities — including newer Lakeland Hills, KentFederal Way, Des Moines, Covington, and more. So whether you are looking for a property manager for your Auburn rental, or a tenant looking to rent a property in or around Auburn, we can help. It isn't just about knowing property management, it is also knowing the neighborhoods, market rents, and the best fit for each owner and tenant.

Rental homes in Auburn, WA come in all shapes and sizes. There are large apartment communities, smaller apartments and multi-plexes and single-family homes. Neighborhoods can be tricky, and knowing good from bad often requires a good property manager. If you need a good property manager, Full Service Property Management can take care of your needs.

And we can take care of your property maintenance needs as well. From service requests to turnovers, our staff of experienced property maintenance technicians are efficient and do quality work.

Finally, email us or give us a call at the number above and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Overall Auburn Rental Investment Score = B-


  • Good upside potential
  • Certain neighborhoods can return good ROI
  • Transportation hub provides upside in the future
  • Higher cap rates
  • Affordable housing
  • Central location between Seattle & Tacoma


  • Downtown neighborhoods should be vetted carefully
  • Higher than average crime rate
  • Lower rents
  • Economy currently below average

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