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Property Management Educational Videos

1. How to Handle Service Animals in Rentals

2. How to Avoid a Grow Op in Your Rental

3. How to Screen Tenants - A New Approach

4. Why Our Policy Is Not to Accept Pets

5. How to Shop for a Property Manager

6. How to Handle Late Fees

7. Sell or Rent your Seattle Home?

8. Rental Real Estate as a Wealth Builder

9. Why we do not accept 3rd Party Payments

10. Lease only or Full Service

11. How to Handle Difficult Tenants

12. How to Deal with Tenants Who Don't Pay Rent

13. Capital Reserves in Rentals

14. Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Rentals

15. 1031 Tax-free Exchanges - A Primer

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16. Renting to Prospects with Emotional Support Animals

17. Enforcing Leases with Emotional Support Animals

18. Our marketing strategy for your available rental.

19. Don't make this (common) mistake with your rental.

20. A primer on cap rates

21. The 3 rules of real estate (and why!)

22. What does 'rent ready' mean?

23. Why we will not manage ghettos

24. Growing the portfolio

25. Where to buy rentals

26. The myth behind management fees

27. Cash is king!

28 Owner repairs & why we frown on them

29 How we determine market rent

30. The Case for Upgrading Rental Real Estate

31. Cash vs. Cashflow in Vacant Units

32. Admin Fees in City of Seattle Rentals

33. LLCs and rental real estate - a primer

34. Thinking of refinancing? Think again.

35. Why form at LLC?

36. Selling Isn't Wrong; It Just isn't Right!!!

37. Good Communication - the Key Ingredient to Good PM

38. Investing in Single vs. Multi-Family Properties

39. The Pros and Cons of Leasing Only

40. Negotiating Management Fees

41. RE as Wealth Transfer Tool