The preventative maintenance program is intended to catch maintenance issues before they happen. It is impossible to foresee what will and what will not break, even during an inspection. Through increased vigilance, though, some breakages/repairs can be averted or mitigated, resulting in lower repair costs, lower operating costs, and a better tenant experience. If the Company checks for a leak, does not find one, and one springs up the next week then cost of repair will NOT be borne by Company, but by Owner. Please be advised that there are no guarantees. What we mean is that just because we inspected a building system doesn't mean it won't break or fail the following week. When you request this service you are holding us harmless from all future repairs or failures (except for those resulting directly from faulty work on our part). Thank you for your understanding, and especially for wanting to protect your asset AND provide a good home for your tenants.
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Our Preventative Maintenance program will include a visual inspection and some repairs at the time of the inspection. Below is a list of our Standard Package, which is included with all subscribers. Below the Standard Package are Options which may be added to the Standard Package based on individual needs of each property.

Standard Package


  1. CLEAN fridge coils
  2. Change furnace filter (incl. 2 extra; total 3)
  3. Replace smoke & CO alarm batteries (incl. 3 - $29 ea after 3)
  4. Flush water heater (every 2 years )
  5. Clean dryer vent (30' max)
  6. Check interior flooring (esp. baths & kitchen))
  7. Check up to 2 toilets: flapper replacement +$17 ea. not incl.; toilet rebuild +$107/toilet
  8. Check disposal & plumbing under sink
  9. Check kitchen drawer slides/pulls & cabinets
  10. Check oven cleanliness
  11. Plumbing Inspection - home w/ up to two bathrooms. Inspect all drains, angle stops, aerators, faucets, & lube valve stems.
  12. Clean bath fans (2 max. - $56.00 each addl.) (every 2 years)
  13. Check drains (run water)
  14. Check interior paint (esp. pre-1980 - check for lead paint issues)
  15. Check window locks


  1. Install hose bib covers @ winter 2 ea. (incl. 2 covers)
  2. Install & check splash block alignment (incl. 2; $19 ea. after 2)
  3. Outside visual check pest control – spiders, rats,, birds, bees, etc.
  4. Check for dry rot - rafter tails, fascia boards, siding, decking, fencing, hand rails
  5. Check exterior paint on siding/windows
  6. Check vegetation interfering with utility lines & 18" house/roof clearance
  7. Check for areas needing pressure washing
  8. Check foundation venting & attic vents
  9. Check need for staining/painting exterior wood
  10. Check roof & gutters
Price excludes sales tax.
Billing will be 12 months in advance, and an $89 monthly subscription charge thereafter.
Items marked with ** are bid items and will be added to the total cost.
Price excludes sales tax.
  1. Owner to sign Preventative Maintenance Agreement and make payment before work will begin.
  2. All prices exclude WA State Sales Tax.
  3. Additional labor - $85/hr.; Parts @ cost + 15%.
  4. By signing below, Owner understands and approves the spending of up to an additional $500 on tasks/items Full Service Property Management deems necessary and appropriate for the preservation of the property.
  5. No work done on bids without prior Owner approval.
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