Roof & Gutter Cleaning

The Problem

At Full Service Property Management, we like to think we are proactive.  We offer a variety of maintenance services designed to keep homes in the best shape possible.

The very first service we ever offered is also the most important -- roof and gutter cleaning.  In the soggy Pacific Northwest it is critically important to wick water AWAY from a home.  That starts with a clean roof and gutter.

A dirty roof will build up moss.  Moss has tiny roots that dig into the roofing material, and rapidly break down the roofing material.  This action shorten the life of a roof dramatically.  Your 25-year roof might only last 10 or 15 years...if you are lucky.  Take care of the roof with regular maintenance and you can see a 25 year roof last 25 years or longer!

A clean roof will get the water down to the gutters.  But what if the gutters are clogged?  If you cannot shed water quickly off a roof you are doomed to dry rot.  Where?  Where do you begin?  There are so many places that backed-up water will find.  Clogged gutters are the main culprit to a lot of dry rot.

The Solution

We will start with the roof.  We will lightly pressure wash the roof to knock the moss and other dirt free.  We will wash it all down to the gutters.  We then sprinkle Moss Out or a similar product per product directions over the roof for longer-term protection.

For the gutters it is the labor of cleaning the gutters of leaves, pine needles, and other debris.  This usually involves gloves, a trowel, and a bucket -- oftentimes on a ladder.  It is a dirty job...but someone's got to do it!  We also check the downspouts are not clogged at the gutter.

What we won't do

Just as important as what we will do, is what we won't do.

We are not professional roof cleaners with all of the roof jack equipment needed to support our staff safely on all roofs.  As a result, we will not clean roofs with a steep pitch.  Typically a 4:12 pitch is as steep as we will go, and even then we may not send our guys up there.  It depends on the roof and the situation.

When a roof is too steep for us we will contract with a roof cleaner who has all the equipment to safely work on the roof.  They are usually more expensive, but it beats sending someone to the hospital!

We also will not clean roofs that are more than two stories high, or where a slope is involved.  Our guys need to be able to safetly work from a ladder to clean the gutters.  If access to the gutters via a ladder are sketchy enough then we may need to decline and call in a vendor.

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Roof cleaning: before and after