What makes Full Service PM unique?

(or....why us?)

Let's face it -- PM companies are dime-a-dozen. The problem is not many of us are worth talking to.  So what separates us from the herd?  A lot...by design.  We've seen what other PM companies offer, and we don't want any part of it.  Here is a short list of why we have carved out our own niche.

Communications Company first!

Most PM companies pride themselves on being PM companies.  Not us.  We pride ourselves on being a communications company first and foremost, and then a PM company.  That is because we have found that focusing on property management doesn't always lead to good property management  But focusing on good communication almost always results in GREAT property management!

Tenant Screening Process

Tenant screening is the single most important task a property manager does -- and our screening is unique by design!  No one else replicates our process...or our results!  Most PM companies rely heavily on the credit report in their tenant screening.  We've found there is a very, VERY loose correlation between good credit reports and good tenants.  Over 35 years of leasing experience by our principal has resulted in a proprietary tenant screening method that is unique and highly successful.  We don't get bad tenants (too often).  And when we do we have a way of getting them out.  The numbers speak for themselves -- only 1 eviction since inception!

No office

That's right.  Everyone works from home.  When the pademic of 2020 hit it didn't phase us much at all.  We were already home!  We are up in the cloud.  This arrangement allows our staff to live near the properties they manage.  It is efficient.

Utility Surcharge

We add a utility surcharge to the rent when the owner is paying water, sewer, garbage, or any other utiltiies.  We don't try to make money on utilities, but we do try to recover the owner's costs.  Free utilities or 'all utilities included' is a thing of the past with us.  We don't stop there.  Have a landscaper?  No problem.  We'll add a landscaping surcharge and save the tenants the time and hassle of tending to the landscaping.  Have a septic?  Our septic surcharge recovers the capitalized cost of a depreciating septic system.

Leasing Metrics

We are the ONLY PM company to figure this one out.  We discovered that if we tracked activity on an available unit that we could predict pretty closely how long it would take to find a good tenant to move in.  We track that activity and make adjustments as necessary. This guarantees we achieve a fair market value on the rental while not letting it go stagnant on the market.  Our vacancy rates are one of the lowest in the region AND with good tenants!  A tough combo to beat!

Market Survey

We don't just "cruise the internet" and come up with a number for the rent.  Every Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) we do at lease up or lease renewal is manually drawn up for that specific property.

Leasing Plan

We are the only PM company that develops a leasing plan which lays out in writing what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you.  It shows you our strategy for marketing your property in black and white.

Leasing Reports

Every Monday we email owners of advertised properties a leasing report which details critical information on how our marketing strategy is performing with their property.  These reports help keep owners informed.

Our Staff

Many on our staff are landlords themselves, and understand firsthand the intricacies of managing property from an owner's perspective.  On top of that, every one of our team members is passionate about what they do; passionate about making a difference; passionate about making the world better -- one tenant, one owner, one individual at a time.

Service Standard

We have a service standard to return every communication the same day or within 24 hours.  We're not perfect, so we can't say we always succeed.  But it shows a commitment to good communication.  We are communicators first, and property managers next.  Good property management starts with good communication.


If you are tired of the samo-samo, maybe it is time you tried something a little different.  It's time to experience "a refreshing change" in world class service!