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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Tenants

Q: I am interested in one of your rental properties. What is the process for moving into this property?

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A: First, you will want to contact us about viewing the rental property. Once you have viewed the property, you will be able to complete our online application for tenants. We want to be sure that you like both the inside and outside of the property you will be moving into.

Q: How do I schedule a showing?

A: We recommend that you drive by the property in advance to see if you like the location, architecture, etc. Then call or email our leasing agent to schedule a showing. Please see our 'Contact Us' page for a list of email addresses and phone numbers.

Q: When are showings available to schedule?

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A: We are quite flexible with our showing schedule. However, Sunday is a day of rest — we don't show property on Sunday. (Even a property manager in Seattle has to have a day of rest!!)

Q: Can I submit an application to be pre-screened?

A: You can submit an application in advance, but we will not run the application until we have met you and shown you a property.

Q: How much is your tenant application fee?

A: Our tenant application fee is $40.00 for each person over 18 that will be living on the premises, regardless of whether they are on the lease and/or married. This is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

Q: What is the application process exactly?

A: Our application process begins with you filling out our online application form. Once completed, and your application fee has been paid, we will run a credit and background check on all applicants. Verification of rental history and employment will also be determined.

Q: How long does your application process take?

A: We do our best to be complete and thorough with our application process, and our standard processing time is within 24-48 hours.

Q: How do I secure the property so that no one else gets it before me?

A: You may hold a property for up to two weeks with a minimum $500 non-refundable fee. This holding fee will be converted into a deposit and credited towards your security deposit once all of the other monies are paid and you are cleared to move in. We will not allow anyone else to place money down on this property during that time. You will need to pay the balance of the move-in monies prior to receiving the keys.

Q: Is my reservation fee refundable?

A: Your reservation fee is non-refundable if you choose not to move-in. It is refundable if circumstances beyond your control prevent us from renting the home to you (such as a failed inspection or natural disaster).

Q: Once accepted, what is the process for signing the lease?

A: Once you are accepted, we email you a draft copy of the lease for your review. The email will also give you the exact amount of funds you need to move-in, and it will suggest a signing date. You will sign your leases electronically on an iPad with our Residential Property Manager, and then he/she will email you a copy.

Q: How do I pay rent?

Pay rent online through the tenant portal

A: We have two ways. Our most preferred method is to pay online through your online rental account using a checking or savings account. Alternatively, you can send us a check.

Q: What does it cost to move-in?

A: Move-in costs typically include your first month's Rent and Security Deposit (possibly pet deposits). We also typically collect a deposit towards last month's rent (LMR) (except for Sec. 8). However, we will stage the LMR deposit over 3-4 months beginning with the first rent payment after you move in to ease the burden of moving. You may pay all of the LMR deposit early, at your discretion. We charge an Administration Fee which is non-refundable and covers the cost of getting you approved and moved in. As each residential property is different, please review the individual web page listing for that property's Rent and Deposit information. All deposits are refundable if the property is left in the same condition it was in when the tenant moved in.

Q: What is the difference between deposits and fees?

A: Deposits are refundable; fees are not.

Q: What is your pet policy?

Property manager has strict criteria for acceptable pets

A: The acceptance of pet(s) varies by property; please review the individual web page listing for that individual property description. If pets are allowed, then they must be over 18 months old and neutered/spayed. We also restrict certain breeds of dogs including (but not limited to) Pit Bulls, Dobermans, & Rottweilers. Full details are available on our pet policy page.

Q: How much is the pet deposit?

A: We do not charge a pet deposit. But we do increase the security deposit by $250 per pet and the rent by $35/mo. for one pet and $50/mo. for 2 pets.

Q: Who pays utilities?

A: Each property is unique and should be consulted on an individual basis. In most cases you, the tenant, pay all of the utilities. However, for condos, townhomes, and apartments the property manager will include water, sewer, and/or garbage with rent.

Q: How many square feet is the property?

A: Unfortunately, we do not take property measurements due to legalities. However, if the square footage is known, it will be indicated on the web listing. Often we will use the square footage listed by the County. However, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of this number and provide merely for informational purposes.

Q: What happens if something breaks in my home? Who fixes it?

Broken appliance repaired by property management company

A: First you will need to tell your property manager what is wrong, in writing. (Sorry, but we do not accept verbal maintenance requests.) You can do this easily online through your online tenant account. We have our own maintenance staff who will then respond to the request. If you allow us access to your home (even when you aren't there) it gives us more flexibility and usually results in faster repair. But you are not required to do so.

Q: Do you have a 24-hour emergency phone line?

A: We do not have a 24-hour monitored line. But we do have an after-hours phone line that can be called weeknights and weekends.

Q: What is the process if I would like to move-out?

A: Unless otherwise stated in the lease, all leases end on the last day of a rental period (i.e. month). We must receive a written Notice to Vacate at least twenty (20) days prior to your move out date. You can submit this notice online via our tenant website portal, if you prefer. We would prefer as much notice as possible. We also would appreciate your cooperation in showing the property to other prospective tenants. You will need to schedule a move-out walk-through with us and also turn off utilities. Once we receive your keys, this will terminate your tenancy.

Q: How long are your leases written for?

A: Our leases are typically written for 12 months. After 12 months they expire and the tenant either needs to move or sign a new lease. We will sometimes write leases for 24 months, but rarely beyond that.

Q. What happens if I have to break my lease?

A: If circumstances force you to move before the end of the initial lease period then you must contact your residential property manager (in writing) immediately. You will forfeit your security deposit and one month's rent, and will be expected/required to clean the unit to the condition it was in prior to moving in (or better). You will also be responsible to pay rent for any vacancy period up until a new tenant moves in or the lease term expires, whichever comes first.

Q. What happens if I can't pay my rent or owe past due charges?

A: Contact us immediately! We need to put a payment/repayment plan together. We'll work with you if you will work with us. But we've also had tenants try to postpone paying and we won't be bamboozled either. So make sure you have your budget together before aproaching us.

House for sale by property manager sold to tenant

Q: Do any of your rentals come furnished?

A: No, unfortunately we do not offer any rentals that come furnished.

Q: Do you offer properties for sale?

A: Yes. We have experienced realtors on staff who can help you through the entire purchase process. Simply call or email us and we will have someone contact you.

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