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Construction & Maintenance Services

Kitchen remodeled in Seattle rental house

All properties, at one time or another, need maintenance. It is a key part of preserving asset value and keeping tenants happy. We offer in-house construction and maintenance services to the residential, multi-family, and commercial properties we manage in the Seattle, WA metro area. (We perform maintenance on other properties as well.)

Our team of maintenance professionals have made this work their life. They know what they are doing, and are efficient about it, because they do it every day. Whether it is a

our guys are ready to tackle it.

By keeping the work in-house we are able to control both the cost and the quality. We don't have to call in the specialty contractor at $100/hr. to fix a simple problem! On the other hand, when a professional is required we have a list of trusted "the big guns" to make sure the job is done right.

List of Services

Our standard rate is $75/hr. We have a 1-hour minimum, but no "drop" charge. For larger projects (over $1,000 estimated) we will usually give a fixed-price bid.

We often find with larger turnovers and rehab projects that we simply cannot find all the things that need fixing. As we get into a project other things will come up. So we will usually imbed a certain amount of extra hours into our bids to give our guys the freedom to fix things right when they run across something. If we run past the allotted hours we will usually come back to the owner with a change work order. It is not a perfect system, but it is the closest we have been able to come up with.

We offer a full suite of specialized real estate services. Besides construction and maintenance projects, we also offer real estate brokerage services, services to homeowners associations, real estate financial consulting, foreclosure consulting, property tax appeals, and a host of others.

Call us at (206) 992-6637 or send us an email about your next construction or maintenance project. We'll be happy to provide you a no-obligation quote, bid, or estimate for free.

Service Areas

Below are some of the major cities we service. Click here for a full list.

King County

Bellevue, WA | Federal Way, WA | Renton, WA | Seattle, WA

Snohomish County

Everett, WA | Lynnwood, WA | Marysville, WA

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