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We are not lawyers and do not purport to be lawyers, or know the law. The information contained on this page and on this website is for informational purposes only, and has not been tested in court, or approved by a legal professional. It should not be used as the basis of determination or action. Neither Full Service Property Management, its employees, principals, or agents make any representation — expressed or implied — as to the accuracy of the information contained herein.

This material is presented for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for its accuracy in specfic situations. If you have ANY issues concerning your tenant or your landlord you are strongly advised to consult a legal professional. Understood? Whew!

Washington Landlord/Tenant Act

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The Washington Landlord/Tenant Act defines the rights and responsibilities of the landlord (or his/her agent) and the tenant in a housing rental situation. It is what we, as property managers, are governed by. The bulk of the really interesting stuff can be found in the Residential Code of Washington (RCW), Chapter 59, sub-chapter 18, or RCW 59.18 in industry parlance.


The WA Landlord/Tenant Act (WLTA) clearly defines what a landlord can and cannot do, and what a tenant is and is not responsible for. We cannot possibly take the space here to go into details. For further reading you are encouraged to go directly to the Residential Code of Washington.

We will attempt to provide a layman's interpretation of some of the questions surrounding common issues. Our hope is that by providing this information we can help both parties avoid a legal battle. Again, read our disclaiimer -- we are NOT lawyers!!!

The WLTA is part of the Residential Code of Washington (RCW), and is broken up into 5 general sections taking up all of Title 59, Chapter 18 of the RCW.

  1. General definitions and information — RCW 59.18.010-050
  2. Landlord's duties — RCW 59.18.060-125
  3. Tenant's duties — RCW 59.18.130-220
  4. Termination — RCW 59.18.230-350
  5. Special situations — RCW 59.18.352-912

We will cover the aspects of the Washington Landlord/Tenant Act listed below. But please keep in mind, this is just intended to be a primer on your way to researching more information.


If you have a question about eviction, small claims, growops, the Section 8 program, or any other situation you would like some help with, please feel free to contact us. We aren't magicians, and can't guarantee anything. But with 30+ years in the industry, we have developed some effective techniques for handling delicate situations. Or check out our frequently asked questions.

Second Disclaimer

Like we said, we are not attorneys here. This is just our interpretation of the law. On top of that, the law is subject to change. So please do NOT base any action on information you read here. Consult a legal professional first.

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