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Why Full Service Property Management?....10 reasons!!

You have a lot of choices when choosing a Seattle property manager for your home, HOA, condo/townhome, or commercial space. So why choose us? Here is why.

Unparalleled service.

We give the very best in customer service

Everyone talks about it. But few of us actually follow through. Full Service Property Management was built by owners for owners. We know exactly what it takes to successfully manage a rental property and be a good property manager. Our attitude of unrelenting customer service means you can relax and focus on more important things. Our goal is to hear the words "refreshing change" repeated often by our clients and tenants. We are tired of being just a number, and we think you are too! That is why we will never have an automated answering service! You can always reach a live person (or his/her voice mail). You will always know that we will treat your property in the exact same manner we treat our own. It's just the right thing to do!


We won't do anything halfway; and we aren't going to cut corners. Either it gets done right or not at all. Quality instinctively builds trust and confidence. We choose to partner with only contractors and service providers who can be depended on as well.


We are Seattle's best at what we do! We first started managing rentals over 29 years ago. The early going was the School of Hard Knocks. But eventually we got it figured out and now there isn't too much that we haven't already seen! You can profit from our earlier mistakes!! In addition, our experience will help get the highest price for your rental property.


Technology yields cost savings and better communication to owners

We are going paperless and going green! Besides being environmentally friendly, the cost savings are huge, and we can pass those on to you! Our Owner Portal and Tenant Portal enhance your management experience by giving you vital rental information 24/7 at the tip of your fingertips.


We can slice-and-dice the numbers on your home, HOA, condo/townhome or commercial space from hundreds of different angles. We email monthly statements (archived in your online account) as well as provide you end-of-year 1099s and expense statements for our taxes and records.


90% of all property management complaints stem from a lack of communication. Our commitment to 'unrelenting customer service' means the only thing you have to worry about is how to tell us to stop calling so much! (Don't worry, we're used to it!!)

Full Service.

We offer a full suite of real estate services — including brokerage, property tax appeals, and consulting — and and will continue to develop others. We are reinventing the property management business model by offering a full suite of value-added services that enhance the ownership of your properties.


Property manager screening prospective tenants with personal interview

Your properties' financial information is stored in "the cloud" and is protected by a series of multi-million dollar firewalls. You won't have to worry about someone breaking into an office and stealing financial information; or hacking into a computer. And we won't close down just because the power is off. As long as there is a world wide web, you and we will have access to the information to keep the operation running smoothly and securely.

Tenant Screening.

This is the one BIG area where property management can get ugly fast!…and where a good property manager can make ALL the difference!! In addition to the usual tenant screening process, we make the extra effort to personally interview each applican and verify previous landlords and employment. We verify the key elements of an application and if there are any discrepancies, the red flag goes up!!


Beautiful kitchen remodel completed by property manager for pleased owner

This is near the bottom, but it really should be at the top because of its importance. Maintaining asset value is critical. We do a detailed inspection of your property annually and work with you and your budget to prioritize any needed repairs or improvements. We internalize much of the maintenance work to keep costs down. But when necessary, we have established relationships with a long list of vendors who provide us discounted rates.


Do you have that &qyot;sticky" situation with a tenant? Not sure how to handle it? We are not lawyers. But we do have a pretty good working knowledge of the Washington Landlord-Tenant Act. We can advise you when it is time to hold 'em, when it is time to fold 'em, when it is time to walk away, and when it is time to run! (to borrow from Kenny Roger's fun little tune!)

So whether you are a homeowner-turned-landlord or a seasoned investor, we can meet you at your level to help you achieve your goals for the property. Give us a call at (206) 992-6637 or email us with any questions. We have also put together a short HOA New Client Welcome presentation to help you become more familiar with us and our management style.

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