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Save Money

Owner paying out money.

Full Service Property Management continues to help our owners safve money. How do we do that? Let us show you how!

Market Rents

Because Full Service Property Management is in the market 24/7, we know exactly how much we can ask for the rental. Usually it is more than most owners think! Often we can raise rents enough to pay our management fees AND have money left over to increase the client's cash flow!

If the rental market rises we can get more for your rental. If the market falls we can keep tenants in longer and avoid costly turnovers.

Rent Collection

We find a lot of owners have a "soft heart". That is all well and good until the tenant ends up owing 3 months worth of rent! Full Service Property Management has a proven "Dual Trac" system that gives the tenant options while also forcing them to respond.

Lease Enforcement

Let's face it — problem tenants cost money. Through strict enforcement of the lease, Full Service Property Management is able to preserve the asset and keep legal and repair costs down.


No landlord likes it, but nearly all of us run into it. Full Service Property Management has a toolbox of techniques it employs to avoid costly evictions. We can deal with that difficult tenant, and often get them to vacate without going to court.


Many owners and landlords lack the product knowledge and/or technical expertise to properly make repairs. This often results in repairing the item again 6 months later, putting in the wrong item entirely, or getting ripped off by a contractor. Full Service Property Management provides in-house maintenance. Our staff works on rental repairs 5 days a week and knows efficient methods and the right products with the right tools.

For more information on rentals and advice on how to deal with a variety of bad situations and bad tenants, feel free to email us or call (206) 992-6637 with your questions. We'll be glad to help you as long as you understand we are not attorneys and cannot dispense any legal advice. We may also be able to help you with evictions, understanding the Section 8 program, and a variety of other situations.

Service Areas

Below are some of the major cities we service. Click here for a full list.

King County

Bellevue, WA | Federal Way, WA | Renton, WA | Seattle, WA

Snohomish County

Everett, WA | Lynnwood, WA | Marysville, WA

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