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What our Clients & Tenants are Saying — Testimonials & Reviews…

Reviews -- or testimonials as they are sometimes called -- can go a long way toward helping get a good understanding of our business. We enjoy many different relationships with owners, tenants, and vendors. The reviews we receive, besides being greatly appreciated, tell us we are headed in the right direction. We aren't perfect. But the reviews below will hopefully give you some insight into some of our work and our relationships.


"I also wanted to take this moment before you pass the baton, to Congratulate You on Your positive Growth and Thank You for taking over the Burden of Managing our Property. Keep up the Good Works. You are Appreciated Very Much, I just wanted You to Hear that from Me personally, Thanks Peter "
Domonic, Idaho (Owner)

"Thank you to you, Dan, and Chrystal for keeping tabs on the situation. You guys definitely know how to handle a situation like this more than myself."
John, Federal Way (Owner)

"The boost of energy, the weight of this is lifted is priceless. Thank you"
Robert, Lynnwood (Owner)

"Thanks Peter, We're very glad to have met you. You made this much simpler for us than I was imagining."
Bart, Gig Harbor (Owner)

"Great job Dan! Thank you so much for fielding phone calls, doing showings, and drafting emails at all hours of the day in an effort to fill leases and keep us informed. It's very much appreciated."
Nick, Arizona (Owner)

"One of the primary reasons I engaged FSPM is because I don't have the time to properly manage the property myself... I am perfectly able to do most of my own repairs and contract out that which I cannot, but it takes me an inordinate amount of time to do so. With that said, I have a fairly high expectation for work I have done.

Alex has been spectacular in his communications, estimations and, of what I have inspected so far, his quality of work (whether performed by him or managed by him). For me, Alex and his level of professionalism is everything I hoped for on the maintenance/repair side of a good property management service. "
John, Lynnwood, WA (Owner)

"I've been really impressed with Alex's clarity of communication, diagnostic of problems, communication with tenants, keeping me updated, and making me feel confident that our Work Orders are be handled intelligently and in a timely fashion. "
Jeremy, Lynnwood, WA (Owner)

"You make it sound so clear in what I should do. I thank you for that, really. "
Robert, Everett, WA (Owner)

"I'm really happy I chose to go with a property management company, it has really been a load off my back and is totally worth the cost. Thanks for doing a great job! "
Justin, San Francisco, CA (Owner)

"Wow Alex, you are certainly going above and beyond any expectations I had for the property managers involvement. I'm so glad I contracted with you guys to look after my place as if it were your own. I am so grateful and appreciative of what you guys are doing. "
Robert, Highlands Branch, CO (Owner)

"I am glad I had your help and we got this resolved quickly. I really appreciate it!"
Kutlay, Seattle, WA (Owner)

"It was nice talking to you yesterday. Thank you for calling and giving me all the updates. I know my house is in good hands. :)"
Linlin, Alameda, CA (Owner)

"Thank you Sir for your quick reply – you folks are awesome…"
Venu, Ashburn, VA (Owner)

"You have come a long way from where you began. Congratulations."
Dennis, Palm Springs, CA (Owner)

"In spite of the fact the place was a disaster and I took a big financial hit on getting it back in reasonable shape, it now has a better monthly cash flow than I would have had without you and your company"
Carolyn, Mountlake Terrace, WA (Owner)

"and we were looking for someone that can understand that things happen in the past and that it doesn't make us bad people. If we get this place we would appreciate and take care of it because of the care you gave us."
Kelly, Kent, WA (Tenant)

"Thanks for an honest job. A great one! You kept your words! Amazingly refreshing!"
Jim, California (Owner)

"Also thanks for your fast action and quick responses to our little issues."
Zachary, Burien, WA (tenant)

"We have really enjoyed renting from you."
Heather, Renton, WA (tenant)

"I can say that this remodel could not have been successfully achieved without your most benevolent assistance. "Genuinely impressive and utmost professional service" if I even attempt to describe your level of help are simply understatements. You truly realize and live the meaning of your company - FULL SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT!"
Cheryl, California (owner)

"Thanks for making a stressful transition a LOT easier."
Wanda, Michigan (tenant)

"I feel better about giving you the opportunity to start fresh rather than spending months cleaning up a mess created by others. It feels good to have you on board."
Katharine, Colorado (owner)

I just wanted to send you another e-mail praising your efforts on this one! You have taken some of my stresses away, and I'm glad that I had you guys to fight on my behalf. I will definitely be leaving a positive review on YELP and Angie's list!
Katrina (owner)

Thank you again for looking after me and taking care of my business for me. I gratefully appreciated all your time, help, understanding, and effort.
Ewa (owner)

You make it easy for me to rent my property with a "out of sight out of mind" philosophy! You & Peter have my full confidence, and I don't think of the property until I get correspondence from you :)
Raj (owner)

As always, I am grateful for your exceptional management and service to my property. You take care of my property as if it was your property! Excellent!
Cheryl (owner)

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